A 6-foot-tall, 250-pound mail carrier in Lacey, Washington, wants the U.S. Postal Service to add kilts as a uniform option for men, according to this article from the Seattle PI.  David Peterson, the mail carrier/kilt enthusiast in question, has successfully lobbied the Oregon and Washington mail carrier union locals to endorse kilts; however, his efforts were defeated at the July convention of the 220,000-member National Association of Letter Carriers.  Peterson, undaunted, vows to continue the fight for his right to wear a kilt on the job. 

Why does Peterson want to wear a kilt?  According to Peterson, "In one word, it’s comfort."  With his build, Peterson said, his thighs "fill slacks to capacity, causing chaffing and scarring."

Scarring?  Really?  If so, could Peterson have a disability claim?  In any event, this author is now shopping for a nice, business-casual UtiliKilt