Here’s another new employment law that goes into effect on January 1, 2009:  the Bicycle Tax Credit (BTC).  Passed as part of that $700 billion bailout plan we’ve all heard so much about, the BTC allows employers to reimburse employees up to $20 per month for bicycle-commuting related expenses; the employer can then claim a tax deduction for the reimbursements.  Click here for an informative article on the tax credit from the San Francisco Chronicle.  (Even though he eventually voted against the bailout bill that contained the BTC, the tax credit is the brainchild of Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer, a long-time bicycle advocate who just happens to be this author’s congressman.)

If you are interested in starting a bike commuting reimbursement program at your workplace, you might want to consult a tax lawyer to make sure you follow all legal requirements.  Want more information on bike commuting?  Here’s our favorite bike blog,