President Obama recently nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace outgoing Justice David Souter on the United States Supreme Court.  If you’re like us, you’re wondering what her nomination might mean for employment law.  While it’s never easy to predict how a nominee will rule once on the Supreme Court (just ask George H.W. Bush), early indications are that Judge Sotomayor takes an even-handed approach to employment law issues.

In her 16-year career on the bench, first as a District Court Judge and then as a Judge on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Sotomayor has been involved in over 100 opinions on employment cases.  She’s ruled in favor of both employers and employees, and her decisions do not seem to be skewed one way or the other.  Click here for a list of of Judge Sotomayor’s employment law decisions

If you look through this list, you’ll see that she’s made several rulings in favor of employers.  While some conservatives are already attacking Judge Sotomayor for "judical activism," they will find no support for those charges in her employment law record.  Assuming she takes this same approach on the Supreme Court, we can expect her to be a critical swing vote on future employment cases. 

Tomorrow:  Judge Sotomayor’s Labor Record