The Washington state class action by Wal-Mart employees for missed meal and rest breaks and for being forced to work off the clock finally ended this week with a payment to the workers of $35,000,000 and $10,000,000 to their attorneys.  Wal-Mart (are you surprised?) denies any wrongdoing.  For more on the lawsuit and subsequent settlement, click to read the Huffington Post’s analysis or this coverage by Forbes. The settlement, which is just one of many for Wal-Mart, is another important reminder that liability for wage and hour violations can really add up.  And it adds up really fast when the class size is over 80,000 workers.

Washington employers should check with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for information on meal and rest break rules

Now, Washington Wal-Mart workers, go spend those "stimulus" dollars!  You have until August 19 to fill out your claim form.