In case you haven’t heard, new Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations take effect today, Friday, January 16. Some highlights of the new regulations include:

  • Regulations covering the recently instituted military family leave laws
  • Expanded FMLA general notification requirements
  • New individual eligibility notification and leave designation requirements
  • New forms for eligibility notification, leave designation, and health care provider and military family leave certifications
  • New fitness-for-duty certification requirements
  • New leave tracking and notification requirements
  • New certification and recertification requirements and procedures

There are too many changes to explain in detail in this email message, but we have you covered: Follow this link to download our detailed memorandum on the new regulations. Follow this link to download the new FMLA forms and poster.  Or if you’re really into reading lengthy goverment regulations (and who isn’t, really?) you can download the new FMLA regulations here