The folks at KUER ran a report yesterday on Utah’s ground breaking LGBT antidiscrimination law, which went into effect yesterday. Titled the Antidiscrimination and Religious Freedom Act, the law prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity on the same terms as discrimination on the basis of race, gender, national origin or other protected classes. It also protects employees in expressing their religious, moral and other views in and out of the workplace.  I was interviewed by KUER in its report about the effect the new law would have on employers and likelihood of potential litigation.

“Where is the line between reasonable expression of religious belief and harassment? Where is the line between allowing reasonable off duty conduct and finding something that’s in direct conflict of the business interest of the employer? I think it’s probably likely that there will be a need for courts to weigh in on some of the questions.”

You can hear the KUER report here. For an in-depth discussion of the law, including who is covered, what conduct is prohibited, and how religious beliefs are protected, read my post Utah Legislators Make History, Pass LGBT Antidiscrimination/Religious Freedom Bill.